Jean Touitou is known for his way with words, and if you thought that his recent racism controversy is enough to make him change his ways, think again. In his first interview since the scandal, Touitou expressed regret about using the n-word when describing the A.P.C. Fall/Winter 2015 collection, but didn't hold anything back when it came to talking about other Parisian brands or his famous friendship with Kanye West. 

Touitou publicly apologized through GQ after news broke that Timberland would be cutting ties with A.P.C. following his remarks, and echoed those sentiments to The Guardian saying, "If all the people had been singing this song, including white people, will they get into trouble for using that word? I was just quoting a song, but I was ignorant of the power of that word, that it would upset so many people, and I deeply regret that."

He has expressed distaste for other denim brands in the past, and Touitou also had some choice words for fellow French contemporary labels, including The Kooples and Sandro. "I have absolutely no respect and I don’t give a damn about them," he told The Guardian, before comparing both brands to a Ponzi scheme and calling one "a French ungifted musician trying to pretend he’s rock’n’roll," and the other a copycat of Céline’s Phoebe Philo.  

Touitou also touched on his relationship with his friend and collaborator Kanye West, calling 'Ye the "David Bowie of the 21st century." He also confirmed that he hooks Kanye up with free stuff, but its because Kanye "gives [Touitou] something, too – inspiration."

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[via The Guardian]