After giving a short but thorough tour of The Hundreds' L.A. offices yesterday, Bobby Hundreds took to his blog this afternoon to announce some epic news: He is working on the world’s first streetwear documentary.

In his post, Bobby reveals he had come up with the concept over two years ago, but consistently faced obstacles when it came to financing.

“Studios and producers across town closed their doors, telling us there was no money in feature-length documentaries,” he wrote, “(Not unlike the stores who turned us down when we first started selling clothing) and there wasn’t a viable audience (I’m sure you will prove them wrong).”

Though fashion documentaries aren’t anything new, Bobby explains that none of them have focused strictly on streetwear—a style that he says is “the last bastion of the underground, [and the] best-kept secret guarded by generations of the branding, design, and fashion elite.” However, thanks to Project Cobalt and other key players within the industry, Bobby has secured the necessary financial backing and will begin filming the project this week.

This is an exciting, and overdue, venture for fashion, as streetwear has become more and more prolific within the last few years. Creating a film that tells the story of streetwear's past and present will no doubt provide a new perspective on the style, and will perhaps result in even more respect for it.

“From LA to Tokyo, New York to Paris, I promise to do my best in telling Streetwear: the greatest story never told,” he concluded.

Stay tuned as more information about the documentary rolls in.

[via The Hundreds]