Stand-up comedian Louis C.K. comedian broke away from his uniform of black T-shirts and wore a red tee with "CHARLIE HEBDO" written on the chest during his show at Madison Square Garden last night, making a powerful statement and showing his support for those affected by the tragic shooting at the satirical French magazine that took place yesterday morning. 

The attack at Charlie Hebdo's newsroom, which President Francois Hollande called the attack a "terrorist operation," killed 12 people, including the magazine's editor, eight journalists, and two police offers. It's still unclear as to why Charlie Hebdo was targeted, though it's believed the three gunmen were motivated by the publication's satirical cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad and ISIS leaders. Charlie Hebdo has previously faced threats for its depiction of figures like the Prophet Muhammad, reports the Associated Press

Celebrities and artists have responded to the shooting with heartfelt tributes since yesterday, along with thousands of people turning out in the streets of cities across the world.

[via MTV]