Kim Kardashian showed off her latest Vogue Australia cover over the weekend, and now the publication has released behind-the-scenes footage of the reality star's photoshoot. 

In the video, Kim speaks on her keyboard-bound critics, confessing it's "really hard to live in a world where there's so many people judging you." Mrs. West adds that she wants to teach North to be really strong, so, she says, "not everyone can just write nasty things." Kim is also interrupted by what she describes as "500 flies" in her makeshift dressing room. 

The reality star took to her Instagram to share some of her favorite shots, including one where she appears to be walking on water—Yeezus taught her. Kim writes that she loves the photo because, "We did hardly any make up or hair, I love this simple natural shoot."

Although the photo shoot was taken months ago, could they hint at the "New 2015 vision" Kim worked on with Kanye


[via Vogue on YouTube]