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Kim Kardashian just took to social media to unveil her latest magazine cover, this time fronting the February issue of Vogue Australia.

Mrs. West tells The Daily Telegraph that the shoot took place in a secluded beach three hours south of Sydney. The star arrived there after losing the paparazzi with a decoy car. Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, Edwina McCann, noted that Kim was a true professional, "She works hard and was happy to get up at 6am," McCann said. She went on to say that Kim is "very respectful and is quite loved within the industry." ​

Coincidentally, or maybe not-so-coincidentally, Kim just named Vogue Australia's Fashion Director Christine Centenera as one of her fashion icons.

While, this magazine cover doesn't have the racy #BreaktheInternet assets that Paper's did, or even the bizarre, bleached eyebrows on display for Kim's recently unveiled Love cover, the reality star still looks incredible. The cover focuses on Kim's natural beauty, which is most reminiscent of her other Vogue cover with husband Kanye West.

The magazine cover promises insight into Kim's relationship with designers, like Balmain and Givenchy, so we will be sure to update you as more details become available. 

[via Kim Kardashian on Instagram]