Release date: Oct. 7
Photography: Zoa
Label: Self-released

This year saw another release from Rome Fortune and another piece of striking artwork to accompany it. The cover for Beautiful Pimp II was on our mid-year Best Album Covers list, but the cover for Small VVorld is something else entirely.

Shot by photographer Zoa, and featuring Rome and his lady friend being held up in the bathtub, the rapper explains how, “Small VVorld is an ideology I have that’s obviously a common saying, but at the same time, is the truest way to test if you’re on the right path of life, in my opinion. If you’re doing it right, ‘it’ being whatever you prefer to occupy your time, you will always run into powerful presences [and] entities that can push you further with that passion, or take it all from you. That’s what the album cover signifies in one image.”