New York-based art gallery Wallplay is hosting an audio-visual exhibition in celebration of LP1, the critically acclaimed debut album from FKA Twigs, which dropped on Monday. The two-week event pairs Twigs' music with the surreal imagery of London-based artist and filmmaker Jesse Kanda, who designed the album artwork for LP1

Kanda's vibrant photo manipulations are both strange and beautiful. By stretching, bending, and inverting photographs of FKA Twigs, Kanda created cover art that is gruesomely captivating. In addition, he created unnerving promo videos for the singer. In an interview with Dazed, Kanda said he took on the project because of his relationship with Twigs' producer, Arca: "As much as 
I love and respect Twigs, she’s a new entity. I did those videos because 
I love the music and I love her, but it was Arca's introduction, because they work together."

Now you can see Kanda's work at Wallplay, located at 118 Orchard St. in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Check out the exhibition before it closes on Aug. 25.