Merry Christmas! Did you wake up hungover from eggnog, feeling like the sugarplums who were so joyously dancing in your head last night turned up so hard that your cranium feels like an empty shell of a once-LIT club? Today is the day of spending time with your loved ones, opening presents, maybe receiving a sweet new gaming system, perhaps some sweaters you won't wear, or if you're lucky, you got something you actually wanted, like Legend Blue Jordan XIs. And if you're Rihanna, then you received an original piece of Jeff Koons art.


thank you @ciarrap ...this is so sexy. Love you sis #JeffKoonsOriginal #Ali #GOAT

Una foto publicada por badgalriri (@badgalriri) el Dic 12, 2014 at 10:39 PST

The inflatable-dolphin-on-a-Muhammad-Ali-book-on-a-stool-with-an-inflatable-tire-wrapped-around-it (working title, according to us), was a gift from creative director/executive producer Ciarra Pardo. Here's hoping for a Christmas selfie of RiRi straddling the priceless work, because 'tis the season to run out of f**ks to give!