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Canadian retailer Haven just dropped its latest original editorial, titled “Drifter,” for the Fall/Winter season. Shot by Ryan Lindow, the shots feature items from Deluxe, Engineered Garments, Hender Scheme, Maple, nonnative, Sasquatchfabrix., TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The SoloIst, and Undercover.

Set against a motel backdrop, the editorial is inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of the “drifter,” a mysterious wanderer who never stays in one place too long. The clothing selection shows various influences from Western to punk and greaser subculture.

Since opening its first store in Edmonton eight years ago, Haven has established itself as an important part of the Canadian streetwear scene, carrying a number of hard-to-find Japanese brands and producing a number of successful collaborations with the likes of Tricker's and Reigning Champ. It has since expanded to open stores in Toronto and Vancouver, as well as built a successful ecommerce business.

Check out the editorial below, and then visit Haven’s website to shop some of the featured items.