André 3000 had a lot of people talking this summer about the political, profound, and sometimes weird slogans he wore on his custom jumpsuits each night of Outkast's 20th anniversary tour run. Now, 3 Stacks is announcing plans to turn the designs into a line of T-shirts.

Speaking to Hard Knock TV, the rapper spoke about the idea behind the suits: "It really started off as one message and I continued it from there. They are thoughts I am having, and I'm having fun with it." He also shared that he's always had an active role in designing the things he wears on stage. "I don't have a stylist," he says. "Style comes from you."

He then went on to share that "T-shirt versions of the suits" are coming down the pipe. “You’ll be able to see that really soon because people have been asking me where can I get that shirt that says 'I love big girls,'” he said.​ Other slogans include such off-beat quips as "children of the cornbread," and more serious musings such as, "“across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?”​

Designed by Linda Stokes, the jumpsuits have gone on to be featured in their very own exhibit, titled "i feel ya." It premiered at Mana Miami during Art Basel, and will now travel to SCAD in Savannah, GA. where it will be on view until summer 2015. Check out all 47 jumpsuit designs here, and be sure to check back as more info on the T-shirts becomes available. 

[via Miss Info]