Last night at an event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Anna Wintour spoke out about the famous Vogue cover that featured Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Though it was rumored early on that Wintour wasn't fond of Kim, and was technically not the one who put the couple on the front page, she stood by the cover.  

“I see the role of Vogue to reflect what’s going on in the culture,” she explained to former CNN journalist Alina Cho, who is currently hosting a series of talks at the museum. “The first celebrity that I put on the cover of Vogue was Madonna, and that was considered completely controversial at the time, too. It’s such a long time ago probably no one remembers, but she was a very controversial figure. Now she’s part of the establishment. I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine! Nobody would talk about us. It’s very important that people do talk about us.”

The cover that named Kim and Kanye the #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE sparked a hot debate in the fashion and publishing industry about everything from whether or not they deserved to be on the cover  to whether it was selling poorly, or amazingly.  The accompanying story included Kanye's opinion on male cleavage, and the revelation that Kim likes to sell her shoes on eBay, among other awesome tidbits. And hether you were a fan or not, you can't deny that baby North almost stole the show from her famous folks

And while there are certainly some people in the world who wish Kim would fade from the public consciousness, Wintour isn’t one of them. “I hope another Kim Kardashian comes along this year!"

[via Fashionista]