For the past month people have been hotly debating Vogue’s choice of putting Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the cover. Naomi Campbell laughed about it and Sarah Michelle Geller went as far to declare that she was cancelling her subscription. The now-famous cover is still polarizing people to this day. This has led to predictions that sales of the issue would outsell past covers including Michelle Obama, Rihanna, and even Beyoncé.

Radar Online published that the issue was pegged to sell around 500,000 copies according to a "magazine insider." Well, the numbers aren’t officially in but the New York Post has consulted Mag Net Data, which uses scan information from wholesalers. The total is looking good, but not as good as predicted.

"The trends for Kim K. are definitely better than the prior month with Rihanna, to the tune of 20 percent better… I'd argue that if you peg last year's Michelle Obama at 269,000, [the Kimye] issue will net out around 250,000” according to Josh Gary, VP of Mag Net Data.

This number sits just below Michelle Obama and Beyoncé covers which sold 293,798 and 355,000 copies respectively. This just goes to prove that we should never listen when sources are cited as "magazine insider."

[via Jezebel]