British skate company Isle Skateboards have always gone one step further with their board graphics. They've always had an artistic streak, which isn't surprising considering Nick Jensen's involvement in the team. With their latest series, called Curiosities, they've brought some real personal touches to the plate.

They built sets of shelves to their preferred sizes of boards, and filled them with items that reflected their personalities: Nick Jensen has his favourite fruit, a set of paints, and a postcard of Morrisey; Paul Shier has his dog's collar, a can of coke, and '90s hip-hop cassettes; and Sylvain Tognelli has French mustard, chess pieces and a bottle of Pernod. Each skater's board can be identified by the cars bearing their initials.

Now, we're well aware that hanging boards on your wall can make you look like a bit of a prat, especially if you aren't particularly good at skating, but these boards are so nicely done, it's a pretty strong argument for making an exception. If you aren't wanting to hang one on your wall, rather you'd like to skate it, these boards will live up to the usual Isle standards, and be generally rad.

You can head to your local skateshop to pick up one of the boards.

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