Right now, the UK is a melting pot for culture, fashion and sneakers. There are companies and designers on the come-up all over the place, and we can boast some of the best stores and boutiques anywhere in the world (Footpatrol, Dover Street Market, anyone?), and now, some powerhouse names have joined forces to start their own company and it's coming straight out of left field. (See what I did there?)

LFT FLD is a joint venture from Gareth Skewis (Palace, Slam City Skates) and Paul Ruffles (Size?Footpatrol), and it's safe to say that it was never going to be anything other than great, with the pair being seriously heavy hitters in the UK's streetwear and sneakers culture. Partnerships like this don't come along all that often, and when they do, it always yields special results, with this time being no exception.

The brand is instantly likeable, with clear '90s influences and leanings towards to sportswear culture that's currently sweeping the scene. Another heavy name brought on board is Fergus Purcell—the man who created all your favourite Palace graphics and collaborated with Marc by Marc Jacobs—who has worked on the graphic identity and branding of LFT FLD.

There's no time like the present to be presenting a bold but simple brand, and they're bring back some classic wardrobe staples, with a new twist on them, like the cargo joggers, which look incredible. The “L” and “F” branded gloves, and the tubesocks add a new dimension to the accessories line, and the jackets in the collection are all impeccably designed to be understated and beautiful looking.

Basically, LFT FLD is a cracking brand, with an amazing team behind it, and we can't wait to see how it develops. The first collection drops in selected stockists like Size? today, so go and pick some up.