Try fail try fail try fail try fail try fail triumph.” This is how Davey Detail and Rabī, the two artists behind creative duo CYRCLE., talk about their career in street art. After a lot of failure, they’ve made it, and they’ve done it their way.

This Feature Appears in Complex's October/November 2014 Issue

After meeting at a rooftop party in L.A. years ago, they left their pasts behind (Rabī was trimming weed in Northern California, Davey was doing graffiti) to pursue art in a new, empowering way. Inspired by the self-sufficiency of the ouroboros (a snake that eats its own tail), CYRCLE.’s aesthetic adapts classical sculpture and mythologies to the present. They want their audience to realize the importance of “overthrowing” negativity and self-doubt, and they literally cross out and flip their works upside down to show it.

We’re in a renaissance,” CYRCLE. says. “If you are in fact creative, this is the time to be creative.” They’ve followed this call, and in between touring the world painting walls, they’re working on clothing with Billionaire Boys Club and collaborating with other artists like Woodkid, Vhils, and JR. 

Meet CYRCLE through 12 of their pieces on the street and in gallery exhibitions.