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Andy Samberg is no joke. The fact that he won one of the entertainment industry's most coveted and respected awards—an Emmy—for a digital short that had "dick" in the title should be proof enough. But despite being down for anything (see: our June/July 2011 cover featuring him and Rick Ross), he's not just some funny guy with a funny face who can seemingly trick Hollywood stiffs into giving him trophies. He deserves your attention.

The latest evidence of this: his new FOX sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As Detective Jake Peralta, Samberg took home a Best Actor Golden Globe for his hilarious next-gen-Pink-Panther portrayal of a kooky cop. Thanks to Samberg, what was written off as just another joke-machine on FOX's diesel comedy line-up has become this fall's most hotly anticipated must-see comedy. But he wouldn't admit that—he'll just dodge the praise with another quip or two. For the cover of our October/November issue, shot by Art Streiber, executive editor Justin Monroe caught up with funnyman to talk his rise to stardom, what inspires his rap verses, and ignoring his haters.