You'd be forgiven for mistaking the morphsuit as a short-lived trend that was primarily focussed on uni lads going out drinking and green men who like to fight with mascots, but you'd be wrong. Since Halloween spending has gone crazy in the past couple of years, MorphCostumes are here with some morphsuit-based costumes that will blow your mind and might just break your bank.

For the true ballers among us, there's the Million Pound Morphsuit, and while we aren't exactly sure what its made of, we can tell you that it is the most ridiculous/amazing thing we've ever heard. If you've got the money, you can get your million pound morph suit for Halloween... Next year. Each suit is made to order to ensure it will fit properly—what else would you expect for that pricetag?—and the process takes four to six weeks, meaning this Halloween is definitely out of reach for some of us.

Check out some more of the MorphCostumes below, and head over to their webstore to pick one up, if you've got the bank.