Body pillows used to be the wave for lonely people, but this is 2014. A company called UniCare has created a "tranquility chair" for older people to make them feel "safe," but that is definitely not the feeling that comes to mind when we first saw it.

The chair features a fabric doll as the cushion, and you're supposed to sit on its lap and wrap its arms around you. We think the doll is sexless, but it does have red earrings, curly yellow hair, and a plaid apron with a matching bucket hat, so it could be female. According to Telegraph,  UniCare also offers "Life Rhythm Dolls" that remind the elderly to take medication, use the bathroom regularly, and they also play old Japanese music.

We are all for therapeutic treatments and things that make life easier and more enjoyable for people nearing the end of their lives, but creepy is creepy. Staring into the half-hidden eyes of this thing while it "hugs" you is something that haunt your dreams forever.

[via Styleite]