I want to wear this Creep anorak while I camp on a beach this winter. It would all be v rustic, but I would still keep my car, like, 10 feet away, stocked to the brim with Trader Joe's Jo-Jos and organic narcotics. Also, I'd keep my phone charging in there so I could pop off a ton of lifestyle flexes on various social media channels. They would be centered on how amazing the freshwater lake is, the refreshing breeze and how warm the socks I bought specifically for this trip are. I'd also make sure to keep a stock of artisanal firewood that I bought from a luxe camping store that costs way more than regular firewood. Do you understand how fucking amazing logs and twigs look when you sharpen them 10,000%? Super fucking amazing. This jacket is perfect for fancy winter camping because it's vaguely vintage looking and has a kangaroo pocket to hold the blunt that hopefully won't start a catastrophic forest fire.