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Released: September 2014

Palace does things its own way, and for an English skateboard line that's become cool guy brand as much as a skate scene staple, what's perhaps most admirable is this is the original methodology remains intact even after finding rapid global success. Lev Tanju and company partnered up with adidas Originals on a line-up that looks like a blend of British gangsters if they started skating. With full on matching track suits in burgundy or navy, sweats, and bucket hats, the collection looks like the pair's interpretation of the athletic inflection commonly seen in British style and soccer-mad culture, and of course the result had people fiending. The highlights of the collection have to be the jerseys, which play off of real soccer clubs, but instead have Palace branding. The running idea throughout the collaboration is a group of guys always looks doper when they're kitted out like a true squad, and while this was definitely achieved with the Palace x adidas Originals goods, anyone rocking this on their own would look like a goddamn champ.