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Y-3 drops a video campaign for its solid fall/winter 2014 collection that’s looking more like the trailer to the next Marvel movie. Production budgets might not have run into the millions, but the visuals and clothes are dope as any blockbuster. The theme for the whole clip was inspired by Japanese Manga, also a reference for the bold and graphic-heavy collection, but instead of using illustrations the video goes full-on live action. 

"The collection pays homage to the couturiers of the 60's. I wanted to infuse this spirit into it. I was also thinking of superheroes and the kind of clothes they wear. Cut for an active and fighting life style. So I brought these two worlds together,” said designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Adidas already has an all-star line up of designers and artists releasing anticipated collections this fall. Watching the clip of a hero facing off against a villain and seeing the clothes in action makes it even harder to choose where to spend your money on. And like all a movie trailer, this video leaves you wanting for more.