2014 has been a big year for adidas. Taking profits and finances out of the equation, adidas has had no problems showing how committed it is to boxing out its competition with strong moves and nimble strategy, particularly in the area of collaborations. In fact, the list of collaborative partnerships that adidas and its subsidiaries have dreamt up in roughly the last year alone proves that adidas is thinking outside the box of what a sportswear company can be.

While Kanye's much-hyped, much-anticipated adidas collab is still waiting in the wings, there's still plenty to drool over from the land of three stripes. Big names like Opening Ceremony, Neighborhood, Mark McNairy, and Pharrell have attached their creative talents and aesthetics to the German giant, adding to a rapidly growing list of coveted collaborations. More importantly, while these collaborations may contain a sneaker element, they're not entirely about footwear.

The label has always been a reliable classic, but now it's pop culture cache has been rising. Yes, it's always been a major global player, but it's very clear that adidas is now stacking the chips with a collaboration roster that's sure to make any other brand envious. These are The Best adidas Collaborations in Recent History.