Another day, another horribly embarrassing accusation of plagiarism for Shia LaBeouf. After getting caught copying Dan Clowes’ work for his new short film, then being caught plagiarizing his own apology to Clowes, LaBeouf has now been caught stealing from Dan Nadel’s PictureBox. This is the copy on the “About” page of LaBeouf’s Campaign Book website:


Here is the description of what PictureBox is from Nadel, which was written years before LaBeouf’s site launched:

Why is PictureBox? Because I love the things I love and I want to champion them. I tend toward outliers and I’m obsessed with the history of visual culture writ large and small. But look, ostensibly PictureBox is a publishing company. I publish around 10 books a year (graphic novels, prose, design, art, etc.) as well as assorted specialty items like DVDS, CDs, and prints. Each project comes from my own tastes and relationships, and are rooted in what I believe in. Since it’s just me running this thing, you’re pretty much seeing me through those books and this site.

Almost exactly the same, right? Nadel noted the plagiarism in an article he wrote for The Comics Journal, courtesy of Robot 6. Nadel also notes that the site has reviewed LaBeouf’s comics in the past, but those comics have come under fire after it was discovered that they too also contained plagiarism. Nadel said that the site is in the process of amending those reviews to reflect these accusations.

Any creative rebirth that LaBeouf thought he would have with his short films and comics is now a complete joke. It’ll be interesting to see how, or if, his career bounces back. We’ll keep you posted as this sordid tale continues to unravel.

[TCJ via Robot 6]