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Champion's Reverse Weave has been absent from our shores for a long time, but since it's back, we're glad that people are making use of it. The Reverse Weave—pioneered by Champion in 1952—construction eliminates stretching and increases durability, which is all good news for those of us who like to hold on to things for as long we can.

Today is the launch of the Footpatrol X Champion Reverse Weave collaboration, which is a coming together of two iconic forces. Champion have been the big dogs in authentic sportswear since 1919, and Footpatrol are, well, Footpatrol. They've been a landmark in London's sneaker scene since they first opened shop in their original premises in 2002.

For the collaboration, they've used the Reverse Weave construction in navy and marl-grey for crewnecks, pullover hoodies and zip-up hoodies, applying the Footpatrol “Bones” deadstock logo to the back and a woven gas mask logo—alongside the Champion C—just above the cuff on the sleeve. For the Crewnecks, they've also applied the Footpatrol bar logo on the right sleeve.

Take a look at the rest of the collection below, and head over to the Footpatrol webstore to pick up your favourite piece.