Kangol was founded in the 1920's by World War One veteran Jacques Spreiregen—who took the 'K' from silk, the 'ANG' from Angorra, and the 'OL' from wool to create the name—and has had some high profile fans over the years. There's the obvious ones; LL Cool J, Run DMC, and Slick Rick, but they also had a contract with the Beatles to exclusively produce any sort of headwear that featured their name or likeness.

After popularity fell away in the 2000's, Kangol went off radar, until recently when they started to collaborate with some streetwear heavy-hitters, most notably Amsterdam's Patta for Fall/Winter 2014. They've now announced the latest of their collaborations, with streetwear royalty Stüssy.

The collection consists of three iterations of the Kangol Bermuda (i.e. their classic bell shaped bucket hat)—one multi-colored hat with black, red and green stripes, a navy hat with the signature Stüssy script writing underneath the brim, and a clean, white hat imprinted with Stüssy’s logo.

The collaboration is set to hit Stüssy stores and selected stockists in the next month, so hold tight for more info.