Over the summer the SUPRA tour rolled through London spending a little extra time at Frontside Gardens—a temporary D.I.Y. Skate park in Hackney Wick founded by Andy Willis. Willis started the project when he was granted a temporary three month lease on the disused land and a small grant to help him bring his vision to fruition. Now the lease on Frontside Gardens has been extended by a year.

In the video above, titled Infinite Potential, Supra document the rise of Frontside Gardens, and the venue's role as the London stop of Supra's world tour, as well as Chad Muska's part in proceedings. Muska agreed to paint a mural, and design and help build an obstacle that formed a centre-piece of Supra's demo, and now remains at Frontside permanently.

Video above, head down to Frontside to skate the Muska-approved addition to the park.

Filmed by: Grant Schubert, Alan Hannon, Dennis Martin, and Melodie Rouland