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For their massive "On The Run" tour Beyoncé and Jay Z spared no expense. Wardrobe-wise, this included a series of insane outfits for Lady Bey, including a very special custom piece from Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci. 

Beyoncé's personal website broke down some of the most involved looks from Givenchy, Versace, and Michael Costello. And while we are pretty much always going to enjoy the way Bey wears anything, some of the facts behind these wild outfits are pretty mind-blowing.

According to Givenchy, Beyoncé’s finale look, comprised of a detachable black and white American flag skirt, features a train that is nearly 17 feet long and was actually just a giant shirt tied around the waist. Despite the garment's length, it only weighs only about a pound, which allowed for it to fly well on stage.

The outfit took over 500 hours to make and all of the stars are hand-embroidered in white thread for a true couture finish. According to Givenchy, “the inspiration is the American Danger: Bonnie & Clyde with a modern twist.” Fitting, given the duo's own interest in Bonnie and Clyde.

This isn't the only crazy outfit in the lineup though: For the final "On The Run" shows in Paris, Beyoncé called on Givenchy again to add a new look. This look, a black bodysuit with mesh, leather and studs was inspired by a fusion of bondage, mermaid and pinups. Sounds like our kind of tour....

Beyoncé also pulled a look from "Project Runway" alum Michael Costello, who told Beyoncé's site, “I wanted to make it feel like the sexiest thing I’ve ever done, so I decided to have it cut higher and make the back open to show more skin. I chose a very Latin-inspired red lace with stretch to the fabric so it would fit her like a glove. I choose to do the leaves and appliqués in black beads and the roses were hand made and took about 12 hours to make.” Only 12?

The tour is over as of yesterday but you can make the Illuminati happy and relive some of the glory with Beyoncé’s music here.

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