In recent years, #BEEN TRILL# has moved away from its origins as a #veryrare brand. From its hidden New York retail store to collaborations with PacSun and high-end retailer Harvey Nichols, the streetwear king is making its products more and more available to the masses. Now, the brand is offering its wares through a new site dubbed #BEEN TRILL# × U that allows users to create their own custom T-shirts featuring the brand's signature graphics.

For this new virtual endeavor, #BEENTRILL# linked up with customization site to.bean online, collaborative studio space that allows users to create images, browse pieces by other people, and any turn the images into one-of-a-kind T-shirts. You can either create your own shirt or purchase designs made by other fans and #BEENTRILL# crew members. 

If you create your own, remember to share it via social media with the hashtag #BEENTRILLXU.