A definitive guide to Nigo's Sotheby's auction has been released in the form of a hardcover catalogue. The coffee-table sized book, "Nigo Only Lives Twice," details the exact items that will be up for grabs during the Hong Kong-based auction in October. Sofas with BAPE's signature camo, Nigo's famous diamond encrusted dollar sign chain, acrylic Futura paintings, and more of Nigo's prized possessions are highlighted. There will also be a variety of unseen images of the designer and some excerpts from Pharrell Williams. 

Sotheby's is currently selling the book at its locations all over the world. Frankly, it's the perfect alternative if you can't make it to Hong Kong or actually bid on any of the items. Pick up a copy before auction kicks off on Oct. 3. 


[via theneeds]