Nigo's gear is up for grabs. The streetwear pioneer's belongings will be sold off in an upcoming auction hosted by Sotheby's. Last week, the auction house shared a promotional image of a lifeless Nigo sprawled across the floor, with a caption that reads, "#NigoOnlyLivesTwice." In addition to the image, Sotheby's put together a video showing someone from a C.S.I. team searching through what appears to be Nigo's work space. Within the brief video, the investigator comes across several items, such as a KAWS painting, a BAPE sofa, and a diamond encrusted money chain. Whether or not these are the prized possessions Sotheby's will auction off is unknown for now, but you can expect more details to be released closer to the event. The bidding will begin Oct. 7 at 10 a.m. in Hong Kong. Visit for more details.