Guys, I know buying a fedora from A.P.C. feels very struggle, but I didn't even get the balaclava from the Kanye collection, so hear me out on this. A ways back I was all about this hat from Camo: a fedora style wool felt ranger hat I was so fucking down for. But I didn't cop because I drive a modern automobile and wearing a wool fedora while not even having to operate a manual transmission felt weird. Also, you can't be out at the grocery store copping Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese while wearing a fucking fedora. But then I was like, "You know what? Fuck it. I'm getting that hat." And, like, everything else in life, IT WAS GONE. It was exactly like that one Cosby Show ep where Theo has to hang out with a senior citizen and when he finally realizes how cool of a person they actually are, the old person is already dead. I still regret not buying that fedora just like Theo still regrets not spending more time with that old person. So, cop a navy fedora because you never know when things will die.