Soccer players run for the majority of each 45-minute halves. Couple that with high temperatures, and body heat will rise way past normal. To battle these extremes, Nike is doing more than just picking the right textiles. Of course there’s the ultimate sweat-wicking fabrics, but there is more to it than that.

When Nike designed Team USA’s World Cup jerseys, it created uniforms that were made to adapt to the climate. Feedback from players suggested that, even though weather can drastically change, they needed to be at a stable temperature at all times. To achieve this, Nike studied where players sweat the most to create a heat map of the human body.

Using simulated climb chambers to collect data, developers created uniforms that even Stark Enterprises would be proud of. Features like laser-cut ventilation increase airflow throughout the body. Material has also been removed where players perspire the most. The jersey also has environmentally responsible features with weave composed of polyester that’s made from recycled plastic bottles. All in all you have a jersey that’s so light, players feel like they’re basically shirtless when tossing them on. 

[via Wired

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