We stumbled onto tattoo artist and fine art painter Gustavo Rimada's work while browsing Instagram over the weekend, and we are happy that we did. Rimada blends grotesque imagery like hearts, bones, and brains with vibrant flowers and other elements that can only be described as beautiful, an aesthetic that he refers to as an "Art Nouveau, surrealist-contemporary style."

One of Rimada's recent projects is this portrait in-progress of Lana Del Rey. Rimada used a photo of the songstress as a reference and attached a dope skeletal body to her head with blue and read flowers where most of her internal organs should be, and a grim half-heart, half-skull in her chest above what appears to be a martini glass. The portrait is wildly inventive and stunning, and we can't wait to see the finished product. 

Check out the process pics above, and follow @arte_de_gustavo for updates and for more great work.

[via Instagram]