There will never be enough Google Glass jokes, but this one, thought up by British comedian Shed Simove, is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

Simove’s version of Google Glass is actually a glass, or more appropriately, a tumbler. The glasses are embossed with the iconic Google logo and the notorious search bar. There are three different versions: “Search for beverage,” “I’m feeling lucky,” and one that’s customizable.

This joke, while quite funny, turned out to be very expensive. You can support the project, and order your own Google Glass, by donating to its Kickstarter campaign.

Simove, wary of Google’s top-dollar legal squad, is rightly concerned that he might be sued for copyright infringement. “If they do, I may run another Kickstarter campaign to help with legal fees,” he said.

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[via DesignTaxi]