An exchange student from America was dared to crawl inside a vagina sculpture in Germany last Friday and, naturally, got stuck half way and had to be rescued by five emergency vehicles and 22 firefighters.

The marble sculpture is a work titled Pi-Chacan by Peruvian artist Fernando De La Jara and was installed 13 years ago at Tubingen University, but we're not sure how many kids have gotten trapped inside over the year. Erik Guzman, the photographer who captured the hilarious rescue, said that the firefighters were "not really amused."

This kid should embrace this event because he will probably never be inside one of these ever again once the Internet tracks him down.

UPDATED JUNE 25 11:10 A.M. ET: It turns out that the artist behind this now infamous vagina sculpture wasn't angry that an American tourist wedged himself into the work of art. "When I first read the news, I also smiled," he told the Intelligencer. "The manner in which he got stuck ..." 

De La Jara actually intended for people to interact physically with Pi-Chacan, from the symbol for infinity (Pi) and the Quechuan word that means water running through a mountain (Chacan). He wanted to create something that even blind people could experience.

"It's participatory art. It should be entered," the artist said. "I believe [the student got caught] because he had a lack of coordination. Or maybe it was a lack of sensibility."

[via Metro]