Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding is set to be a luxe occasion that plenty of media would love to cover, but none are allowed. Extra precautions are being taken, including personal security guards and phones that will be given to guests upon arrival just to guarantee privacy. Let’s face it: it might be easier finding out the next plot twist (warning: possible spoiler) in Game of Thrones than discovering all the details about this wedding.

However, Page Six reports that Vogue will have the exclusive coverage on a brunch to occur in Paris the day before the wedding. The event will take place at designer Valentino Garavano’s 17th-century château. According to sources, André Leon Talley will be on hand covering the brunch that will later be run on Vogue.com.

On the agenda is also a private tour of the Palace of Versailles. (This royal château was Kimye’s first choice for their wedding, but the request was later denied.) The couple and guests will then fly to Florence, Italy where the wedding is set to take place at Fort Belvedere. We’re sure paparazzi is already posted up somewhere with long-range lenses on their cameras.

[via Page Six]