Superhero movies are more poppin' now more than ever. Marvel and The Avengers have basically strong-armed Hollywood, a takeover that allowed old properties like X-Men and Spider-Man to enjoy a resurgence, while on the other side of town DC plots a comeback spearheaded by the Man of Steel.

Summer 2014 has already been set off by first responder Captain America, Spidey is currently enjoying his time in the sun, and X-Men and newcomers Guardians of the Galaxy are both poised to round out the box office season. With a such a cluttered field filled with childhood comic favorites, there's always a debate raging about which film series is better.

We thought we'd jump into the fray on the style side of things and pit everyone against each other to see who's swagging the hardest since most superheroes are actually stunt lords above most other endeavors. The contestants: any and every character who's a part of a franchise that's currently in production. That means Christian Bale and co. are out, new Batman Ben Affleck is obviously still under wraps, Tobey Maguire's Spider-franchise is moot, etc. Read on to see which franchise wins each carefully curated category in the ultimate Superhero Style Face-Off.

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