Batman sometimes gets a lot of flack for being the only normal guy at the Super Friends table. He's not an alien, or a god; he can't shoot beams out of his eyes or enhance his body in any remarkable way. You'd think one of the only true blue human superheroes would have a considerably toned down cast of characters in his orbit, but somehow that couldn't be any further from the truth.

Batman has without a doubt some of the craziest, most "out there" looking people around him, friend and foe alike that rock all kinds of tights, loud colors, and hats that even the most daring SoHo hipster wouldn't attempt. We've scoured the television and movie universes, from Adam West to Batman Beyond, and collected the worst of the worst costume offenders, along with the few bright spots. Check out The Best And Worst Dressed Batman Characters In Film & TV.

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan)