Salvador Dalí is most famous for his surrealist landscape paintings of scenes too good to be true. A true Renaissance man, he also dabbled in many other mediums such as cinema, sculpture, fashion design, and writing. He approached everything he did in life, from art to interviews to facial hair, in an equally individualistic way. His eccentricity earned him a reputation as a genius, a lunatic, and a gimmick, though he didn't seem to really care about what anyone thought of him. He is remembered as one of the greatest and most intriguing artists to have ever lived. 

Today, May 11, would have been Dalí's 110th birthday. We imagine that he is in heaven at this moment constructing a cake made out of carpet squares and tuna, or blowing out candles made of lead. Today we revisit his life and achievements to bring you 15 Reasons Salvador Dalí Was The Man.

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