There are many reasons people dread going to the doctor's office. More often than not, both doctors' offices and hospitals are dull, stark, and they conjure up memories of the last bad cold you had. Unlike most hospitals, however, The Dean Street Express looks much more inviting. In fact, it resembles the site of Andy Warhol's last rager than a health clinic.  

UK studio Penson has based the interior design of the walk-in sexual health clinic off the hospital's surroundings. Inspired by London's Soho, an area known for its nightlife and wild partiers, the designers have decked out the hospital in fun, bold colors and neon signage. Its walls are covered in retro film posters, and even the waiting room consists of cinema seats.

What do you think? Would Penson's handiwork make a trip to the hospital more fun?

[via DesignBoom]

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