We've posted quite a few celebrity real estate stories of places that are impressive mostly because of provenance. Recently there was the home next door to Anderson Cooper that he himself was selling, Barry Bonds sold his ginormous mansion in Beverly Hills, and Lady Gaga gave Sway a tour of her Central Park crib where Liza Minnelli used to kick it. If there is one celebrity who would make us drool and cry tears of joy more than any of the others, it would be Prince, and now that his villa in Spain is up for grabs, someone's life-long dream is about to come true.

According to Curbed, Prince bought the six-bedroom mansion in 1998 for his then-wife Mayte Garcia. The listing says that master suite extends to both levels of the house, there is a outdoor heated pool, tennis court, an outdoor jacuzzi, a security room, "sea, mountains, valley, and golf views," an irrigation system with a water well, and incredible marble floors, among other princely features.

Curbed also says that Prince hasn't used the home since the late '90s, but we're sure that any room that Prince has ever stepped foot in is forever marked with his aura. Tell any girl that your house used to belong to Prince and you're good to go. Game: Blouses. 

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