If you thought Rick Ross' new mansion in Georgia was impressive, then prepare to be blown away by this property in Los Angeles. According to ABC News, a bidding war erupted over the 50,000-square-foot "Fleur de Lys" estate recently, ending in an all-cash deal of $102 million. 

According to the listing, the property is 5 acres of useable land with "towering trees and park-like grounds. The driveway is half a mile long, there is a ballroom that can fit over 300 people, 12 bedrooms, a commercial grade kitchen and facilities that can accommodate 1,000 friends, and of course a gym, pool, library, and other unnecessary stuff that rich people like. We love to dream about the things we would buy if we won the lottery, but even this is a little beyond what we could deal with. 

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[via ABCNews]