If you tuned in to the SuperBowl this year, you probably witnessed that rare appearance by Bob Dylan. The legendary musician narrated and was featured in a mediocre commercial for Chrysler that talked about the legacy of Detroit and the importance of "Made in America." What you may have missed, though, was a quick glimpse of a mural around the minute and a half mark. Obviously, the mural wasn't the focus of the commercial, so it didn't get much screen time, but it is awesome and kind of important.

Painted on a wall at the Russell Industrial Complex in Detroit by Kobie Solomon, the "Chimera" mural represents the city and its history and measures 8,750 square feet, which makes it the largest mural in the state of Michigan. Back in 2012, a successful Kickstarter campaign gave Solomon the resources he needed to complete the mural after more than two years of work.

In describing the piece, the artist said "I wanted to paint something that could be understood simply by all, but would have much deeper meanings for those who cared to look at it more closely with a discerning and contemplative eye. I wanted to make something that actually stood for something instead of just some nifty image to pretty up the wall; and I wanted execute the piece in a way that would not just inspire, but would actually help destroy the walls and preconceptions about an art form that has helped change my life for the better in ways I could have never hoped: graffiti."

Watch the commercial again and keep an eye open for the awesome piece.

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