Selfie-takers, rejoice! Prolific architect Asif Khan has designed the world's first building that displays massive, 3D projections of its visitors' faces. Situated at the entrance of the Sochi Olympic Park, Asif's pavilion contains photo booths inside the building, which scan and create facial impressions of those who take a selfie. While visitors don't get to leave the pavilion with a print out of their picture, they do get to see their faces blown up on the side of the building 3,500 times the original size.

"Whether we are taking a self-portrait and posting it for our friends to see, or texting an emoticon to show how we feel, we've translated a fundamental means of self-expression into a new medium," Khan told Yahoo! News. "That is why I think of this pavilion as a synergy between architecture and digital platform. At the same time it's a monument to all of us. The concept is to make people the face of the Olympics."

Indeed, Khan's monumental selfie building is something akin to a futuristic Mount Rushmore, dedicated to the people. The ever-shifting wall displays three 8-meter projects of visitors' faces for 20 seconds, so each visitor gets their brief moment of fame. Watch this exclusive video from The Guardian to see the pavilion in action.

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[via YahooNews]