This Pharrell digital cover kicks off a week of features on all things Skateboard P, plus our month-long celebration of the Best of 2013.

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No wonder Pharrell Williams feels like "a room without a roof." Over the past eleven months the eternally youthful 40-year-old celebrated the 10th anniversary of his Billionaire Boys Club/Icecream fashion brands, produced and sang some of the biggest hit songs of 2013, married his longtime love, Helen Lasichanh, and dropped the world's first 24-hour music video, appropriately titled "Happy." The kid from Virginia Beach has come a long way since he got the chance to ghostwrite Teddy Riley's rap on the 1992 Wreckx-N-Effect smash "Rump Shaker," yet one thing remains unchanged from that day until this: Pharrell's still got "the booties of the cuties steady shaking but relaxin'." His seemingly effortless mastery of fashion, music, fine art, and fun is both an endless source of inspiration and a perfect embodiment of the Complex world view. Who else was blending skateboarding, grunge, and hip-hop back in the '90s? Pharrell functions like a creative center of gravity who attracts kindred spirits from all over the planet into his orbit, and knows just what to do with them. We know he can do all these things. What we don't quite understand is: how?

"I wish I was just like the guy who was Mozart meets DaVinci meets Galliano but I'm not," Pharrell recently told Complex TV. "I'm just a guy that really wants it real bad." Because we suspect that there may be more to it than that, we decided it was time to celebrate P's amazing year, and career, and the power of one guy really wanting it real bad. So Complex created this futuristic intergalactic digital cover, as visualized by Timothy Saccenti, and enlisted Complex's Director of Content Strategy, Joe La Puma, to conduct a fittingly epic interview. Joe and Pharrell's three-part conversation began this past June, at the BBC/Icecream store in SoHo. They met up again at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta, but by the end of their meeting they still hadn't covered everything, so Joe was invited to a late-night studio session where the interview reached its ultimate conclusion. Joe's five-month mission? To boldly go where no one has gone before, and crack the Pharrell code once and for all. Did he unravel the mystery? Hit the link below and judge for yourself.

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