Everyone knows that Damien Hirst is the richest living artist and that his pieces go for beaucoup bucks these days, so of course there are going to be desperate criminals who want to cash in. It happened in Chile this past summer, but someone had a change of heart and returned the pieces worth $34,000 in garbage bags. In London, the thieves aren't smart enough to make it to that stage.

This CCTV video was shot at Exhibition Gallery and shows a thief break into the space, grab Hirst's Pyronin Y and Oleoylsarcosine works, and then run back out, only to have major problems getting them into his car. He isn't very graceful, but after a long 60 seconds he does manage to get away with both pieces, valued at around $54,000. The police are searching for the man and ask residents of Notting Hill and the surrounding areas to come forward if they have any information. 

UPDATE: The Standard exclusive video shows the thief struggling to put the artwork into the car. Head to the site below to view that version.

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[via Standard]