Sure, I probably picked this Harris Tweed Deluxe cap because I’m from Detroit and it has a felt ‘D’ on it. But you could be from Dallas, or Duluth, or even a god-forsaken place like Des Moines and this hat would suit you. Shit, you could even be from NYC and wear it because no one who lives in New York is really from New York. They all pretend like they’ve never been to Des Moines, but this is the time of year they make their annual migration back to their hometowns. And I see your instagrams of the cheap beer tabs and the mall that you pretend to hate but secretly love because they still have Annie’s pretzels and cinnabon and Panda Express. PANDA EXPRESS TASTES BETTER WHEN EATEN IN A SUBURBAN MALL FOOD COURT. IT’S LIKE THE AMBIANCE IS ANOTHER COMPONENT OF MSG.