Styles upon styles upon styles is what we got, you wanna diss the Complex Style crew but you know you better not. We know what you're thinking: You're buggin' out! (Also: Don't quit your day job.) Well, there's no shame in our game because we'll always be the same. Karizza Sanchez is the five-foot assassin with the ruffneck bizness; Corey Stokes doesn't sweat Arsenio (or even Kanye) to gain some type of fame. Matthew Henson is the stylist incognito who runs the cape (and about five different types of clothes you ain't up on yet), and James Harris is riding on the train with no dough, which sucks (ha! Just kidding. Dude takes Uber to go to the bodega for milk). With shouts to our blog life homies who ain't here (with us, they're totally here on this planet), Soo-Young Kim and Jian DeLeon, this is the Best of Complex Style 2013.

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