Last month, we interviewed the Brooklyn-based art-making duo of Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, who produce under the collective moniker FAILE. Though they gave us an intimate look into the workings of their collaboration, they neglected to mention a new version of their Deluxx Fluxx, a custom-made arcade of interactive artworks, is set to debut soon.

The duo, along with fellow Brooklyn artist BÄST, heads to Art Basel Miami Beach December 5 – 7 with the third edition of their custom-designed pinball machines, custom-programmed video games, and “psychedelic foosball” tables, all playable by the public. Check out some in-process images of the arcade above, straight from the Brooklyn studio of McNeil and Miller.

Not only are the games unique each to themselves but the playable cabinets are also works of art, the caliber of which only FAILE and BÄST could achieve. The result of each device is a multimedia artifact that forces one to reconsider the arcade games of years past—even Pong was art in this context.

This is a dynamic the artists, too, have recognized. To let them describe it:

Deluxx Fluxx challenges the contemporary art world’s fixation on ideas of relational aesthetics and democratization, and gives the audience a chance to genuinely engage with the work without feeling the pressure of the traditional gallery environment.

The Deluxx Fluxx first showed at The Outsiders in London, in 2010. Later that year, a version showed in New York City.

The FAILE BÄST Deluxx Fluxx Arcade 2013 Miami Beach presented by Perrier takes place at a vacant retail space on the corner of 16th Street and Washington Avenue. The public is invited to tackle the games from December 3 – 8.

Game on!

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