It hasn't snowed yet this year, but crazier shit has happened. The leaves haven't even fallen from the trees, but we're waiting for the first sign of fresh powder so we can hit the slopes and shralp some powder in the new Stussy x Holden collection.

The streetwear brand and outerwear company recently dropped their latest collection, but also released an editorial that was shot on the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan, and tested out the clothes that can either be worn on the streets or to get gnarly in.

There are crewneck sweatshirts, beanies, fleece jackets, camp caps, fleece pants, and more that the crew wore as they took in their runs, downed some sake, and slurped up some warming noodles.

You can shop the collection here, but take a look through the editorial above and at the video below that recaps the trip.

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